About Us

Pninat (pearl) HaShomron is a guest house located in Har Bracha, on the biblical Mount Grizim were the blessings were given, in the heart of Samaria.

The clear and expansive view of the Shomron Hills, the special spirit and people, the ancient sites, vineyards and wineries, as well as landscaped springs flowing alongside the road driving up- form a magical place and a tourist gem.

Our location provides pastoral settings just an hour away from the city of Jerusalem in the South, and the city of Tel-Aviv in the West.

Families and groups—receive personal individualized attention, and are welcome to maintain throughout the year Shabbatot Chatan, bar / bat mitzvahs, circumcisions and family events, in a unique worm and religious atmosphere .

You can choose to order accommodation only, add a reservations hall, or order a full board which includes three Shabbat meals – with a rich and varied menu and cake and coffee corners during your stay. The food is Kosher LeMehadrin- under the supervision of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed.