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Why Choose
'Peninat Hashomron'
Guest house?

In the heart of the Shomron (Har Bracha), facing breathtaking views, at 870 meters above sea level, 'Peninat Hashomron' Guest House promises you a true vacation for your body and soul.

Each room has all the necessary equipment for accommodation: bedding, blankets, pillows and towels, soap and shampoo. Each apartment is equipped with an electric boiler, air conditioner and a refrigerator.

Where can you travel? An information booklet awaits you in the guest rooms. In the area around us you can enjoy a wealth of attractions, springs, trails and shops.

See you on your next vacation!

The paths of 'Peninat Hashomron' Guest House

Attractions And facilities

An information booklet awaits you in the guest rooms

The Shomron. Land of wine, views and heritage - Video clip


Tours and springs

Amasa Spring | Hagvura Spring | Itamar hights | Amazing outlook points


Religious needs

Synagogues | Torah library | Mikveh | Shiurim on all day


Kids fun

Swimming pools | Petting zoo | Horse riding | Wall Climbing | Library


Restaurants and cafes

Caf'e 'Achoti' | Caf'e Tov | Makineta Pizza | Meat and Wine Restaurant



Har Bracha supermarket | Clothes store | Houseware and gift store


Visitor centers

Ancient Shiloh | Nahalat Binyamin | Tura Winery


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